September 2022.

Over 15 000 healthcare services have been provided to school learners across communities within the Matlosana and Maquassi Hills Local Municipalities, via a mobile clinic, in the last year. This is part of a healthcare programme directed at learners to identify health barriers to learning and provide communities with access to quality healthcare. Whatsmore, the programme has provided opportunities for the youth to work in the health sector, contributing to the development, training, and retention of local health professionals.

“We are delighted to have engaged with companies that care about the development of our learners. This programme has successfully enhanced learning, by identifying and treating health issues, and since we always strive for high performance from our learners, this has helped us immensely,” said Makuru Geneke, Principal at Tshebedisano Secondary School, one of the 23 schools that have directly benefited from the programme.

In collaboration with the District Department of Health, Bokamoso Solar funded this initiative as part of their School Health Programme, which aims to deliver free and accessible healthcare to locals, including providing health education; administering of medication; as well as follow-ups and referrals.

“Through early detection and diagnosis, this programme assists towards achieving the goal of ending communicable diseases in our host communities. Furthermore, health education strengthens the prevention of substance abuse, including narcotic drug abuse. The programme also ensures universal access to sexual and reproductive health-care education and the integration of reproductive health into national strategies and programmes,” explained Claire Phutieagae, Community Operations Officer for Bokamoso Solar.

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