November 2023.

Learners and teachers of four local primary schools in Kanana and Kgakala were filled with excitement as they welcomed the donation of various educational resources that would enrich their learning experience. The mini-library, which not only includes books, but also comfy cushions and seating, was without a doubt the highlight for both learners and their teachers!

Funded by Bokamoso Solar, in collaboration with the implementing service provider, Read Education Trust, these schools received a mini library, a projector, comfy cushions and books, creating an exciting reading space in the schools’ reading hubs.

“These resources are not just items, they are the keys to knowledge and sources of inspiration. It is our hope that the learners and teachers will cherish these resources and the exciting reading spaces they create, for they hold the key to a brighter future for our children,” said Claire Phutieagae, Community Liaison Officer for Bokamoso Solar.

This support forms part of a reading programme, which was launched in 2022, to help reduce literacy backlogs accumulated by Grade 4 learners, especially as a result of Covid-19 lockdowns. The aim of this programme is to improve the learners’ written language and reading skills by implementing different learning activities to develop their vocabulary.

The school benefiting from this programme include: Thusan, Koketso, Reahola, and Atamela Primary Schools.

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